How To Dress An Apple Shape

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An Apple body shape is defined by a full bust, medium shoulders, a flat or curvy tummy and little or no defined waistline.

You will have a small bottom and slim hips with slender legs and ankles.

In this blog post I am going to share with you the best shapes of the most common garments to make the most of your assets, and disguise your less liked areas!

If you are not sure which body shape you are, click the button below to go through my body shape guide first, to make sure you are getting the correct information for you.


The Best Shapes For An Apple

Most women who are an Apple Shape do not know how best to dress for their shape and so tend to hide it under yards or fabric.  However, there’s no need to hide. There are plenty of positives about your shape, and we’ll show them off with the clever use of the right shape clothing.

During the menopause, a lot of women’s body’s change and as they thicken up around the waistline, they can end up with an Apple Shape.  If you are feeling bad already with some of the unpleasant symptoms the menopause can bring, you are probably not too happy with mother nature giving you another kick by thickening up your waistline!

However, there is no need to feel frustrated by this as there is plenty we can do to give you back your self-confidence and mojo!

With the right clothing shapes, we can bring your body back into balance, and show off your best assets, your slender arms and fabulous legs.

You will get a huge boost in confidence when you feel you are able to stop hiding your body and start feeling fabulous again.

So let’s take an in-depth look at how we can do just that.


Let’s start with underwear, as getting the foundations right can make all the difference to the way you look and feel in your outer clothing.

A good, well-fitting and supportive bra is essential.  We need to make sure your bust is lifted up from your tummy to give some shape and definition to your overall look.

Some supportive briefs will also help hugely to smooth out and minimise your tummy.  These two things alone will make a big difference to how you feel, and so are the first things to address.

Jackets & Coats

The main aim with your jackets and coats, apart from to keep out the cold, is to give your body some definition.  The smallest part of your torso is just under the bust, so try styles that come in under the bust.

A button or other fastening just under the bust will also help to accentuate and draw they eye to this area.  So an Empire line with a button or tie just under the bust is going to be the most flattering shape for you as it will give you some shape and definition.

A tie belt, just under the bust with its end trailing down will also help to detract from your tummy, which is the area you are most likely to want to diminish.

You can wear a straight style coat, as long as it is worn open and with a different colour underneath.  This will have the visual effect of dividing your body into long thin sections which will help lengthen and flatter your body.

If you are a short Apple i.e. under 5’4”, the longest you should wear your coat is just above the knee.  If you are taller than 5’4” you can wear your coat a little longer, so any length to just under the knee.

Although they are very warm, Puffa style jackets or quilted coats, will not give you the definition you need.  Opt for a warm coat or jacket that has the shaping you need under the bust, and layer underneath with warm sweaters and scarves if you need the extra warmth.

Shirts, Tops & Tees

Your best tops and tees are made from floaty fabric and/or tunic length, so just on your hip line.  The floaty fabric and tunic length should skim over your tummy and not cling to it. Also you do not want to wear anything longer than your hip as you do want to show off your fabulous legs!

Empire line styles that come in just under the bust, will flatter your shape as they will give you the definition you need on your smallest area.

The ideal length for any of your shirts, tops and tees is hip length, so they skim over your tummy but still show off your slender legs.

Short sleeves, or sleeveless styles will look great on you, as they will show off and draw attention to one of your best assets, your slim arms.

Open necks, v-necks and scoop necklines will all look great as they will separate your top line and be very flattering on your bust and décolleté.

A top that is ruched across the tummy will be very flattering for you as the eye will not know which is fabric and which is tummy!

Stay away from big loose tops and tees with no definition under the bust, as these will not flatter your figure.  


The most important feature of any dress you choose, is that it comes in under the bust to give you that all important shape and definition.  So again, as with your jackets, coats and tops, empire lines are going to be your best friend. A soft floaty fabric will also work well as it will skim over the tummy.

Any sort of detailing on the empire line will make the dress even more flattering as it will accentuate the smallest part of the Apple shape, just under the bust.

As with your tops, your best necklines are open, v-neck or scoop neckline to flatter your bust and cleavage.

In terms of length, the same applies as with your coats.  So for a short apple, just above the knee, and for a taller apple a little longer, so just below the knee.


For your Apple shape you will need to wear skirts that are flat fronted and low waisted.  The flat front will smooth out and minimise your tummy.

A low waistline, with a flat yoke (very wide smooth waistband), with box pleats in the skirt can work very well.

Any fastenings should be at the sides not the waist so as not to add any extra weight to the tummy area.  Also any details should be at the sides, so that the eye is drawn away from the tummy.


Smart trousers will always need to be flat fronted to be the most flattering on your tummy area.  Avoid any fastenings or details on the front of your trousers, so as to avoid any extra weight or focus being drawn to this area.

Wide legged trousers will be very flattering as they will provide balance with the top half of your body.

Try capri length or cropped trousers to ensure you show off your best assets, your fabulous legs!

Fashion often dictates what we like to wear and skinny denims or casual trousers may be something you would like to try.  The slim silhouette of skinny trousers will be great for showing off your slender legs. Be careful to balance out your body with a floaty top or tunic that finishes at your hip line.  An empire line top will be very flattering as again it will give you the shape and definition you need.


You have the choice of a wide range of styles as you have such lovely shapely legs and ankles.

Choosing styles that further extend the long lines of your legs will be especially flattering.

A wedge or chunky heel will provide balance with your top half.

If you have small ankles and calves, strappy sandals, sexy heels and kitten heels will all provide a focal point and so be extremely flattering for your whole look.


Chunky accessories will look great on you as they will harmonise with your shape.  So have some fun with chunky necklaces, bangles and bags.

Keep anything on your neckline short so as to draw the focus of attention upwards. 

Scarves will look great on you as long as you tie them short and keep the ends away from y

Colour, Pattern & Fabrics

All over patterns will work well for you as they will balance your top and bottom sections and take the focus away from your middle.

Stay away from shiny, sparkly or motif patterns on your top half.  Ruffles, puff sleeves and other embellishments on the top half are likewise not your most flattering.

If you like a bit of shine or sparkle wear a bit of it on your bottom half as this will draw the focus to your shapely legs.  Ruffles, puff sleeves and other embellishments on the top half are likewise not your most flattering.

If you like to wear blocks of colour, try to wear the darker colours on your top half and the more colourful items on your bottom half.  This again will draw the focus to your best assets and create more balance in your overall look.

A Catalogue of Ideas!

So there you have a full run down of the best shapes of each of the most common types of clothing to suit your Apple Shape.

Did these tips surprise you?  Do you think you could feel better about your shape and have more confidence in your body if your try some of these ideas?  Will you make any changes as a result of reading this blog post?

I’ve created a catalogue for you with some of the current styles of clothing that will work well for you.  Click the button below to see all of the Apple body shape styles:


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