Would you love to know your body shape so you can always wear styles that flatter your figure and make you look amazing?

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Hi, I’m Tracy and I’m your go-to expert for all your Business Style needs.

Whether you want somebody to manage your entire Business Wardrobe for you when you don’t have the time or headspace, or just want help with one particular aspect of your Business Style, I can help

Need help with your Business Wardrobe?

Do you need to look great in order to further your career but don’t have the time or headspace to organise your wardrobe?

Would you like to have a Lookbook with every look you could need organised for you?

Would you like somebody else to shop for you for any new pieces you want or need, and know that they will be perfect for you?

Then look no further…I’ve got you covered


I’m Tracy

And I love to help ambitious Professional women to find their Style, stand out and look amazing!

Worked With

These are the companies I have worked with:
Caroline Herrera – A VIP Shopping Event
The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine – Media Day
Helms Briscoe – Speaker at their team meetings and several HB Cares events for their clients and Associates.
Travel Counsellors – Speaker at their Annual Conference

Tutor At:

Currently a Tutor and course Author at:

Guest On:

Guest Appearances on Podcasts and Blogs:

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Listen to one of my Guest Podcast Episodes

Listen to one of the Podcast Episodes I have been on as a guest. I love being a guest on podcasts and always enjoy a chat with a wonderful Podcast host!..

Want to find out a bit more about me and why I do what I do?

My About page will tell you everything you need to know.
My backstory and my motivation for becoming a Personal Stylist

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"I just had a fantastic style analysis with Tracy. I now feel unusually excited about sorting out my wardrobe, and more confident about what I would and wouldn’t buy when I next look to buy something. I’m going to follow up by reading Tracy’s blog about dressing for body shapes, now I know mine. I feel much happier putting an outfit together knowing that I’m dressing for me, because we’re all unique with styles, sizes and personality. Thank you Tracy!"

Rebecca Ward, Think Social Be Social

"I hadn't realised that although my wardrobe wasn't full of anything other than clothes or shoes, it wasn't in any kind of order. There were clothes I hadn't seen in years and things I'd kept which 'one day' may work for me again, or perhaps never had. Tracy is a wonder at helping to organise both your wardrobe and your mindset when approaching what to wear. She helped me get clearer on suitable colours, necklines, how to accessorise and most importantly for me, how to dress for video to meet the right tone. I work with a mixture of people and I need something to grab quickly but look great. Her app for organising your 'looks' is great and I now definitely think more about the shapes of clothes which complement my figures than I did before. Thank you Tracy, super service! "

Katherine Allen. Katherine Allen Consulting.

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