How To Work Fashion Trends Into Your Business Wardrobe

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Twice a year the Fashion Industry brings in new fashion trends for the upcoming season.

These trends are the result of a lot of work by the big Fashion Houses and are the looks they predict will be popular in the next Fashion season.

The trends are rarely designed specifically for business wear and so it can be tricky to incorporate them into your business wardrobe.


Incorporating the Fashion Trends

So how can you incorporate these fashion trends into your business attire?  And where do you start with incorporating a trend that is going to give maximum impact in your business?

Well, if you keep to my five top tips below, you will soon be wearing the latest trends as part of your business look and doing it effortlessly!


Top Five Tips To Wearing Fashion Trends For Business:

1. Be Discreet

The key is to be discreet…in other words stick to a classic business look with just a nod to the trend. 

You don’t want your look to grab attention for the wrong reasons.  So wear your trends discreetly, rather than making a bold fashion statement. 

Business wear is not often the time for bold fashions statements, so make sure your entire look just has a nod to the trend rather than it being the main event.


2. Make Sure It’s Adaptable For Business

Pick a fashion trend that can be adapted to be suitable for business wear.  Most of the trends we see on the catwalks are not aimed at business wear.  

You will see a variety of ideas in terms of trends for the season, so make sure the one you decide on can be easily adapted to make it suitable for a business setting. 

Spring Summer ’22 sees the return of very feminine dressing with lots of pearls, bows and frills. 

This can easily be adapted to a business setting by making sure you only wear one garment in this style and it has some very classy ruffles or frills, perhaps on the front or sleeves of a blouse.


3. Not All Fashion Trends Will Work

Accept that some trends just won’t work in a business setting. 

One of the trends for Spring Summer 2022 is the colour yellow. 

Now yellow is a fantastic colour, but it is not great worn in a business setting.  It is a very joyful, playful colour and in a work environment could be seen as not taking things seriously. 

So this particular trend may only work in a very small part of your outfit, maybe just part of the pattern in a scarf for instance.


4. Only One Item Should Be A Trend

Wear your usual business attire but just make one item a trend item.  

One of the easiest ways to ensure your look stays entirely appropriate for business whilst incorporating a trend is to ensure that only one item of your outfit is a trend item. 

A few of the designers this season opted for a slightly other worldly, space look to them.  These shoes from Charles and Keith could be your one item, incorporating a slightly “space oddity” look to your outfit but still staying appropriate for business.

You can find these shoes here.

5. Ensure The Trend Suits You

Ensure your chosen trend suits your body shape and style personality. 

The most important thing when incorporating any look into your wardrobe, whether it’s a classic or a trend, is to be absolutely certain it suits your body shape, your personality and your proportions. 

It is never a good idea to wear a trend for the sake of wearing it, without considering whether it is flattering for you. 

Always make sure you’ve looked beyond the fact that it is a trend and make sure it is working well for you.


6. Does It Go With Other Items?

Ensure the trend item you buy will go with at least 3 other items in your current wardrobe. 

You don’t want to buy items that end up only being worn once or twice because you can’t make them work in amongst other items in your wardrobe. 

Any new piece you buy should go with at least 3 other items in your wardrobe, so always check what else you have that will go with it before going ahead.


7. Consider Your Industry

Consider the Industry you work in. 

Industries that have a Business Casual, or Casual dress code, will mean it is much easier to bring a trend into your work wardrobe. 

There is far more scope for individuality in the types of industries that are Business Casual, such as any of the creative industries, media, IT or PR. 

More formal industries such as finance, law or the civil service are likely to prefer a more corporate dress code. 

So be aware of your industry and how well a slightly different business look will be seen.  


So there you have my seven top tips for incorporating Fashion Trends into your work wardrobe.

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