Which Colours Have The Most Impact In Business.

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Colour Psychology has a powerful effect on us in many ways, and we often don’t realise quite how much of an impact they have on us.

The effect colours have on us at a subconscious level is Colour Psychology.  Colour comes into our brains through our eyes or our skin and has an effect on our emotions and behaviour as a result.

So once you understand the effects that colour can have on you and your audience, you can use this information to work for you in your business.

Most people when they start their business will put some thought into their branding for their website, social media and other marketing materials.  

You can take this one step further and create an impact yourself every time you show up for your business, by wearing colours that can affect your audience.

So here are my top five colours that will create an impact when you wear them for your business meetings and events.



Blue is the worlds’ favourite colour and therefore is the safest colour to wear in business.  Blue gives the message of trust, honesty and dependability, and so it helps to build customer loyalty.

Blue is the best colour to wear if you want to communicate clearly and calmly.  It inspires confidence, wisdom and higher ideals.

Psychologically, blue is calming as it slows the pulse rate and therefore reduces tension and fear.  It has a therapeutic effect on the mind and body and brings strength and unity.

Blue is a great colour to wear in the corporate world and is often worn in businesses such as accountants, insurance companies, banks and other financial businesses, as it inspires trust and reliability in people.

It is a great colour to wear in many industries whenever you want to give a message of trustworthiness, calmness, clear communication and reliability, all great things to portray to people you meet.



Green reminds us of spring when everything in nature of starting to grow again and there is a feeling of optimism in the air.

Green is the easiest colour for our eyes to look at and so has a very balancing and harmonious effect on us.

Green has an effect on us physically as it balances our emotions and so creates a sense of calm in us.  It can renew us and restore depleted energy.

Green is a combination of yellow and blue, and so encompasses the mental clarity and optimism of yellow with the calming and confidence-boosting qualities of blue.

Decision-making can be easier if you wear green as it will help you to see both sides of an argument, weigh them up and then make a good decision.

Green is commonly used in the health and wellness industry, but it can be worn to good effect for a range of other business situations.  It can be a really good colour for sales meetings as it can give feelings of optimism and things will get better with the solution you are offering.



Red affects our physiology in that it raises our blood pressure and push rate, and so gives us feelings of passion and excitement.

Red energises us and can be a very motivating colour.  It also gives us a boost of confidence because of its physiological effects.

It can signify a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities.  It also promotes ambition because of its motivational qualities and can make us more determined.

Red stimulates the appetite and so is a good colour to use if you have any sort of food business.

Although red has a lot of very positive effects and can be very useful in business, be careful not to wear too much of it as it can be overstimulating and therefore can cause anxiety and tiredness.

But if you need some motivation yourself or you want to communicate your passion and excitement for your business, wearing some red in your outfit could be very useful.



Yellow is the lightest colour on the spectrum and so is uplifting and offers hope happiness, joy and fun.

It is practical and helps creative thinking.  It is good for inspiring new ideas and helping us find new ways of doing things.

Yellow portrays a great enthusiasm for life and can help with greater confidence and optimism.

It’s a great communicator and is a good colour for the networker, journalist or copywriter.  It is also analytical and can help with making a decision or being methodical.

Yellow can be a great colour to wear if you want to create something original or need clarity of mind to start a new project.

It is not the best colour to wear in business dealings with other people as it is a bit too fun-loving and playful for business.  But it is a great colour to wear if you are working on your own and need clarity of mind to be creative, do some writing or start a new project.



Turquoise is a great colour to wear in business as it is the most trustworthy colour.

Turquoise recharges us during times of stress or tiredness, and it can alleviate feelings of loneliness.  Wearing turquoise can also give you a sense of calm and gentle invigoration, and help you to feel ready to face the world again.

Turquoise is a combination of blue and a small amount of yellow and so gives you the peace and calm of blue, with the rebalancing and new growth of green and the uplifting qualities of yellow.

Psychologically turquoise will give clarity of thought and communication.  It is, therefore, a great colour for teachers, trainers and public speakers and anybody who wants to communicate clearly.

Trust is a really important factor in any business relationship as people need to feel they can trust a vendor before they feel confident to invest in them.  Wearing turquoise can really help your vendor to feel they can trust you and will therefore make it easier for them to make the decision to work with you.


These are the colours in my opinion that will give you the greatest impact in your business.

For my guide to all the main colours and their meanings, download my FREE guide “Clothe Yourself In Confidence” here:

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    I will share this with my audience the next time I write to them. They are super interested in colours, although usually the on-screen kind 🙂


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