Why I Deliver My Styling Services Differently

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Most Stylists are trained in the same four basic Styling Services:

Colour Analysis

We look at your complexion and your personality to decide the best colour palette to make you look your youngest, healthiest, most vibrant self.

Style Analysis

In this service we look at your body shape and your style preferences and decide which shapes and styles of clothing are going to be most flattering for your figure.

Wardrobe Edit

For this one we come to your home to look through the clothing you already own and see what is working for you and what’s missing to make your wardrobe work as a whole.

Personal Shopping

This can be either for a one-off for a special occasion, an opportunity to give your wardrobe an update, or specifically to find items to fill any gaps in your current wardrobe.

My Styling Services Backstory

When I first started out after completing my training, I offered these four as standalone services.  It’s the way most of us do things as it seems the most obvious.

I later added VIP options to these four Styling Services for people who wanted to take things a little further.

Later still, I added online versions of some of the services, to take advantage of the fact that I could work with clients anywhere in the world.

So I ended up with quite a full menu of services, which I thought was great but I can imagine was quite confusing for potential clients!

One-Off Styling Services

However, what I found with all of them, was that they ended up being a bit unsatisfactory for me, and for my client.

Let me explain.

With a one-off Styling service, you have a client come to you for a short amount of time…could be an hour and a half, could be half a day in the case of the Personal Shop.

During that time, I would analyse the client depending on which service they had opted for, and then give them some information about that aspect of their style.  I would try to give them as much information as I could as I wanted to give them great value for money.

Some of my clients were people I knew in my personal life and would see from time to time outside of us working together.

It Wasn’t Very Satisfactory

Now, we humans though, can only take in so much information in one go.  So it started to become apparent to me, when I saw people again, that they hadn’t actually managed to incorporate the information into their daily life and particularly their wardrobe.

Again, something common to us all, is that when we have an overload of information on any given subject, there is a tendency to not know where to start and so to end up doing nothing.

So gradually I came to realise that working in this way…giving people a huge amount of information in one go and then sending them on their way to put it into action…didn’t result in any transformations.

Which doesn’t work for me for two reasons:

  1. I don’t feel that the client ends up getting much in the way of value for money, if nothing actually changes as a result.
  2. The people I worked with wanted a transformation.  But I found it very unsatisfactory working in the traditional way, as people didn’t end up having the transformation they were looking for

So I decided it was time to switch things up.

Doing Things Differently

I reasoned that if giving people the information to put into practice by themselves wasn’t working particularly well, maybe if I walked alongside them as they put small changes into place at a time, that might work better.

I reworked my services to a model that included spending a period of time with my clients. I settled on either 3 months or 6 months.

Coaching My Styling Clients

So we would actually cover most of the four individual services, but in bite sized pieces.

I break down all of the work into smaller steps that the client can put into pracrice much more easily than having it all given to them in one go.

That way they have time to actually understand why I am making particular suggestions, what it will do for them, and then to adjust to making it part of their life going forwards.

Working with clients in this way is far more satisfactory for both of us:

  • My client actually sees a transformation and so is getting far more value for money.
  • I have the pleasure of seeing them grow in understanding and confidence as they put one small piece of the puzzle into place at a time, and that builds over the 3 or 6 months that we work together.
Personal Stylist and Client

Personal Style Coaching

I call this Personal Style Coaching as I coach my client over the time we work together, in her wardrobe and style.

So far the clients I have worked with in this way have absolutely loved it and seen transformations way beyond their initial expectations.

So What’s Next?

If you would like the help of a Stylist but you’re not sure which of the Styling Services is the best option is for you, download my Buyers Guide.

My Buyers Guide will help you think through your options and make the best decision for you.  You can download the guide here:

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