6 Ways to Wear Florals In Autumn & Winter

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6 Ways To Wear Florals In Autumn & Winter

Florals are more usually associated with Spring and Summer, with their fresh bright or pastel colours. However if, like me, you’re not ready to consign your florals to storage for the next 6 months, then read on to discover 6 ways you can continue to wear your florals, right through Autumn and Winter.

Spring and summer florals are usually made with white or light coloured fabric as the base and then the floral design is printed in either bright colours or more soft and delicate colours that are appropriate for spring and summer.

So what do you need to do to carry off your Autumn/Winter Florals with panache?

Here are 6 ways to wear florals and make sure you continue to look your fashionable best right through to next Spring!

1. Finding The Right Fabrics

The key to wearing florals in autumn and winter is to make sure the fabric you wear is suitable for the season, both in terms of being warm enough, and a suitable colour palette.

Fortunately there are a whole load of gorgeous floral fabrics in the stores at the moment, that feature deeper more intense shades, both for the background colour and for the floral design.

Colours that look absolutely stunning are the usual black, navy or grey. But also oxblood, plum, berry or moss, will add a striking but suitably autumnal feel. With these colours in the background, some bright floral prints will look amazing but still very suitable for the time of year.

Also the fabric needs to show that you are aware that it is indeed colder weather now, so you will mostly need to abandon your linens and cottons and light floaty chiffons, in favour of slightly heavier and warmer fabrics. There are still some gorgeous floaty fabrics which will give that romantic feel, but they will also help you stay warm!

2. Cover Up!

You may be wearing delightfully fun florals but you still need to take care of yourself as it can get cold out there!

So your summer short sleeved or sleeveless styles are not going to work well in this season. Instead wear long sleeves or a jacket over the top.

Also you may find you love a shorter floral skirt and this can still look great but you will need to wear stockings so that your legs don’t get frost bite! If you feel the need to wear a scarf and jacket or coat, then you’ll also need to keep those legs cosy!

A lighter coloured skirt can look amazingly stylish with dark opaque stockings and a dark top, so you don’t need to completely shroud yourself in dark fabric, but just make sure you are comfortably warm. Remember looking stylish starts with feeling comfortable.

You will need to wear stockings or tights though no matter the length of your skirt. Cold skin does not look attractive and we want you to look and feel amazing! So make sure you cover your legs for that lovely cosy, seasonal look.

3. How To Wear Layers That Look Great!

Layering your outfit is one easy way to give clear signals to make sure people know you are well aware of the season and are dressing appropriately, even in your florals!

There are quite a few options here and you can get very creative with your layers.

Wearing a jacket over your dress is very on-trend this season, especially if you wear a biker style jacket and ankle boots.

You could also try black opaque tights and a black fitted jacket over a shorter dress.

Or how about experimenting with different textures, such as lacy tights, chunky knitted sweaters or cardigans with your florals.

A velvet jacket can look great with your floral dress or top, will make the whole look much more luxurious.

If you like a touch of the Bohemian look, try wearing a chunky loose sweater over your dress or skirt, again this is a look that is very on trend this season.

For a slightly different look, you could try adding a warm layer underneath your dress or shirt, such as a long sleeved tee or a turtleneck sweater. You will then see a small amount of colour underneath, adding some depth to your outfit, but you will keep warm and toasty at the same time!

4. It’s Not Just Dresses

I’ve talked a lot so far about dresses, and there are a huge variety of styles of dress, racing from fitted and structured styles to floaty and romantic. So keep your eyes open for different ways you can be creative with putting your outfits together.

It’s not just dresses though, there are other ways you can add some florals into your outfit.

How about trying a shirt or tunic, again layered to give that Autumn/Winter look and feel. Team with jeans and boots, and a chunky knit cardy or even a corduroy jacket?

Floral skirts look amazing at this time of year. Again wear with warm cosy tights and boots, and a chunky sweater or smart jacket.

You might even find some floral trousers, which will really add a pop of colour and interest! Wear with heeled shoe boots, and a smart jacket for a casual, fun evening outfit.

5. Experiment With Boots

Boots look amazing with florals, and you can try all sorts of styles. My favourite at the moment is heeled ankle boots and opaque stockings underneath. These give a really Autumnal feel to my outfit but still look incredibly stylish. The biker style boots that are very on-trend this season, look great with a floral dress or skirt and can offset the slightly romantic look.

A cowboy boot will look fab with a floaty maxi dress and a biker style jacket. I particularly love the current trend of white boots! Absolutely amazing with a floral dress or skirt.

For a more sophisticated look, why not try a higher heeled boot with a silky floral skirt?

6. Statement Accessories

To offset the slightly romantic and bohemian look of florals, add in some statement accessories.

A brightly coloured, edgy bag is a great way to do this or a small shoulder bag or cross body bag. You could even carry off a metallic coloured bag with your florals.

Or maybe a chunky, longer length necklace? This would look particularly amazing over with a chunky sweater over your dress or skirt.

Some Current Ideas For You To Try.

So there are quite a few ideas here for how to continue wearing the beautiful florals of Spring and Summer, well into Autumn and Winter.

So step a little out of your comfort zone this season and have some fun with florals.

One last tip I have is if this is a little too far out of your usual style zone, then wear one of your floral items with your tried and trusted wardrobe staples. You know the ones I mean, the items that feel like a comfort blanket every time you put them on.

That favourite pair of jeans or your everyday leather jacket are the perfect pieces to add to your new season, new style pieces. These are the perfect confidence boosters alongside trying out a few new items and new ways of styling them.

I have put together a catalogue of current florals for this season. To access the full catalog, click the button below:

Have fun with some new styles this season!

Until next time…


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