5 Key Trends To Help You Transition From Winter To Spring

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I know, I know, it’s still feeling a lot like winter, especially here in the UK where we are experiencing a lot of rain…and I mean a lot! Plus there are still some biting winds to battle with when we’re out and about.

But Spring is on it’s way, I promise!  A few more weeks and hopefully we’ll be seeing a bit more of the sun and a bit less of the Duvet coats and scarves.

Depending on where you are in the world, Spring can be something we really look forward to as it can feel like a long winter, bundled up in heavy coats and wooly jumpers.  So the thought of ditching the wool and cashmere and wearing some lighter layers and brighter colours is something to really look forward to.

But how to transition your wardrobe between seasons is not so easy and is something I am asked about a lot.   It can be really tricky to know how to dress when the weather starts being unpredictable. Even within a day the temperature can change a lot – how do you dress to cope with all these changing factors.

So I’ve picked five trends that are very current and want to show you how you can use them to transition to a lighter, brighter wardrobe ready for the warmer days to come.


The Trouser Suit

The trouser suit has long been a staple of women’s wardrobes and this season is no exception.  And it’s not hard to see why. The trouser suit is very versatile. It can be worn as a suit or separates, dressed up with some heels and a smart top, or dressed down with a more casual top and flats.

So how can the humble suit help you transition from Winter to Spring?

In winter you can wear it with boots and socks to keep your feet lovely and snuggly and with a sweater underneath the jacket.  The same suit can also be worn with some court shoes and a fitted top for smarter occasions, or with loafers or trainers and a looser fitting top for more casual events. 

As the weather gets warmer, you can swap the sweater for a lighter layer underneath, maybe a long sleeve cotton top, or a shirt.  You can then swap the boots and socks, for either boots in a lighter weight and colour, or loafers. 

The suit can even look good with a t.shirt and white trainers for the ultimate in casual chic.

The other thing you might want to do as the weather gets warmer and the days are brighter, is to swap your dark coloured suits for lighter or brighter colours.

For some ideas of items that are currently in the shops, click the catalog link at the bottom of this blog post.

Wear Some Yellow

Yellow has been hot …pun intended!…all through this winter and is continuing into Spring.  Yellow is a colour very much associated with Spring, with it’s reminders of  spring flowers such as daffodils and tulips, as well as the marketing associated with Easter.

And there are lots of beautiful yellow pieces around at the moment.  However it has moved on to brighter yellows from the more mustardy colours we have had through the winter.

I’m also not suggesting that you go out and buy a whole new wardrobe.  One way to transition easily is to wear your usual winter clothes but with a yellow scarf or cardigan to brighten things up and make you feel a bit more Spring- like.  

Yellow is the colour of happiness and clarity of mind, so is a great colour to wear to work to bring some Spring cheer into your working environment.

Again, I have some suggestions for you in the catalog at the end of this blog post.


Florals have been a big thing for a while now, even through the winter, and I for one am a huge fan!

Nothing is more feminine than a floral design on a garment.

To use a floral dress as a transition garment, you could wear it with boots and a thermal or roll neck top underneath, but then to transition to spring, the same dress can be styled with lighter shoes or shoe boots, and a lightweight cardigan in one of the colours of the floral pattern.

Florals for winter had quite dark backgrounds, but for spring you can start wearing some of your lighter floral items again, maybe with a cardigan and lighter weight boots or white trainers, until the weather warms up enough to ditch the layers and just show it off in all its glory.

There is also a new trend in florals moving towards more tropical prints which are generally associated with spring and summer.

The Trench Coat

The humble trench coat has been enjoying a revival in the last couple of seasons and it’s still there!  

This is such an easy way to transition an outfit, by wearing a trench coat instead of your usual winter puffa or wool coat.   

If you leave the house early in the morning, you might still need a warm scarf and boots for a while yet, but it is a lighter and brighter option until the weather is warm enough that you can ditch the coat altogether.



Boots are still a popular fashion item and most of us have been wearing dark coloured boots and furry lined versions of the boot during the winter.

But now that the days are lengthening a little and the sun is shining a little more brightly, it’s time to switch to some lighter colours.

White boots are making a real revival at the moment and are very on trend.

I absolutely love this surprising revival of a 60’s/70’s staple, which can be worn with any number of different colours and styles.

If white is a step too far for you, then how about a pastel colour or a neutral beige or grey?

There are lots of options around and they can be worn with a huge variety of different styles and outfits.

Click on the catalog link below to see some of my favourites that are currently available,


Click on the catalogue link below to see my selection of the current transitional items that are in the shops at the moment.

If you would like some help with adapting your wardrobe so that it is not only ready for the new season but also is full of items you love that look amazing, just reply to this email and we can arrange a time to chat about what you’re looking for.


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