Virtual Styling

Are you fed-up with the stress of trying to find the right thing to wear for your business events?

Don’t have time to shop for the right outfit for your next speaking gig?

A potential client has invited you to meet with them to discuss how you can work together. Do you immediately panic about what you’re going to wear?

Or you have tickets for a three-day conference, where you’ll be networking with hundreds of potential clients and contacts. Would packing for the trip send you into a tail-spin?

A Great First Impression

Being more visible will help you take your business to the next level.

But that means finding clothing that gives a great first impression whenever you show up, both online and offline.

Maybe you don’t have the time to figure out what on earth you should wear.

Or you’d rather spend your time,  and energy focussing on your area of genius.

Worrying about the details of what to wear for which event is not top of your priority list.

A Wardrobe Manager

Whatever your situation and particular events, you need somebody to manage your wardrobe for you . That way you can spend your time on the really important stuff of building your business and achieving your goals.

I can take away all of the stress of trying to find the right things to wear and putting outfits together that work for your various occasions.

Don’t waste any more time worrying about what to wear.

Introducing MyStyle

Introducing a brand new way to have an expert manage your wardrobe and styling needs for you.

MyStyle is a brand new service, designed to give you an expert stylist in your back pocket! You can literally have MyStyle on your phone with all the looks and styles you need, so you never have to stress about what to wear again.


MyStyle is a brand new service, specially designed to take away the time and stress of finding the right outfits for any and all of your dressing dilemmas.

This is a Virtual Styling service, where an expert stylist (me!), does all of the hard work of managing your wardrobe for you.

It has three distinct sections:

  1. Closet – Organising your wardrobe, and storing photos of every item you currently own.
  2. Lookbook – Putting looks together for you for any and all of the events and occasions you need to go to.
  3. Finds – Finding new pieces for you to complement those you already own and to suit any new occasions that come up.

What You Get

When you decide to join MyStyle, you upload the clothes you currently own to your online closet. Don’t worry I’ll give you guidance on how to do this.

Then every month, you have the chance to ask me 3 – 5 style related questions. These questions can be absolutely anything you like, related to your style and your online wardrobe. Each month, I will create 3 – 5 looks for you in your Lookbook, and these will be tailored to your needs.

Any new items that I think you might want or need, to complement the items you already own will be found for you. I will also find for you, any new pieces for events or occasions you have coming up. You can choose whether to purchase these items or not. If you do decide you would like to purchase, you will be able to do so by clicking through from the image in your Finds section.

Watch my video here for a quick walk through MyStyle


Here’s How It Works


Here’s a timeline of how things will work once you decide to join MyStyle:


  1. First of all you will go to this link:, and fill out the client form you will find there.
  2. When you submit your client form, you will be invoiced for your first month’s membership fee.
  3. I will then contact you to arrange a 1-2-1 hour session online. During that hour I will assess what shapes and styles of clothing are going to suit you best. 
  4. You will start to upload your clothes to the MyStyle platform, following the simple instructions I will send you.
  5. Leave me to manage your wardrobe for you for as long as you stay a member!
  6. The MyStyle Hub on Facebook is a community of like-minded women. You will be invited to join and this is where you will have access to me.


Join now for just USD 79 per month!


That’s right! 

You get all this for the amazing investment of just $79 per month, for the life of your membership!

There is no minimum commitment, just stay for as long as MyStyle is saving you time and stress!

No hidden extra costs, just Styling, Wardrobe and Shopping help and advice for as long as you are a member.

Yes Please! I want to join MyStyle!





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