Do any of these sound familiar?
You’re fed up with the daily stress of standing in front of the wardrobe and wondering what on earth to wear?

You keep yourself hidden away as much as you can, and if you do have to go out, you try to hide under dark, baggy clothes?

An event, or occasion is a major source of stress as you haven’t got a clue how to pick an outfit that will suit you?

You don’t have much idea about what’s suitable for which occasions and so tend to stick to the same thing that keeps you inconspicuous, so hopefully nobody notices you?

The confidence you need and want is all there inside you.
The amazing, authentic version of yourself is waiting to get out, you just need some help to find that confident person you were always meant to be and to take your place to shine in the world!

That’s where I come in!   That’s what I love to do, and I’ve already helped women from all walks of life, to find the best version of themselves.

This is something we’ll do together – you’re input is just as important as mine. I am not interested in slotting you into a preconceived box.  Instead, together we’ll create a look that is 100% you.

There are 3 main ways we can work together:
# 1 – Colour Styling Package

Let's find out who you are with my Colour Styling Package

Wearing the colours that suit you best makes a massive difference to your appearance!

You will instantly look younger, slimmer and more in harmony with yourself!   This is the best first step in your transformation as it’s probably the thing that people around you will
notice the most!

We then need to find out a bit more about your personality, because we want you to not only wear the best colours for you, but in the best way to show and express
your beautiful personality.

This is a 2 hour, total pamper time, looking at your skin tone, your eye colours and patterns, your personality and a full colour draping.   I will also do a full make-up for your, in your new colours and in a style that will fit in with your lifestyle, and I will teach you how to replicate the make-up yourself at home.  Finally I will give you lots of advice on how to get started with your new colours and how to best express your personality through your use of colour.

Due to the nature of this package, it is LOCAL only i.e. local to my studio in Berkshire UK.

At the end of the Colour Styling you will know:
The best colours to wear to compliment your skin tone and how to incorporate them into your current wardrobe without throwing your current clothes away.


What your “Red Carpet” colours are – the colours you can wear top to toe and look a…maaaa…zing! No more hiding in a simple black dress when you go out just because you don’t know what colours suit you!


What your Clothing Personality is and how to use it to create outfits that show off who you really are. This will give you so much more confidence to be yourself.


Of more than 100 colours in your colour fan that will always look fab on you. Keep this in your handbag and you can easily refer to it before you buy new clothing, to be sure you only spend money on items that look great on you.

Total Cost £250

All of the above, plus lunch and then a shopping trip to a local store to learn how to use your new colour fan and Clothing Personality information.  

We can also shop for a few basic items to get you started.   

Package price does not include the cost of any items purchased.

This again, is a LOCAL SERVICE ONLY i.e. local to my studio in Berkshire, UK.

Total Cost £350.00
# 2 – Capsule Wardrobe Package

Let’s get your Dream Wardrobe sorted out with my Capsule Wardrobe Package

Do you get fed up with having a wardrobe full of clothes, but not really sure if any of them suit you?

When you are invited to an event, does it send you into a tailspin because you haven’t got a clue what to wear?

Do you wish you loved every item in your wardrobe and knew that you always had something ready to go
whatever the occasion?

That’s what my Capsule Wardrobe Package will do for you!

We will discover
The right shapes of clothes to suit your body shape.
The way you should wear your clothes to suit your personality.



What you already have in your wardrobe that is working for you.



What gaps there are between what you already have and your Dream Wardrobe.


We will then make a plan of the items you need to buy in order to make your DREAM WARDROBE work for any and every event and occasion, so you never again have to be stressed and in a panic when you receive an invite.

Total Cost $750 / £550

All of the above, plus a shopping trip to start looking for the items needed to make your Dream Wardrobe work.

This can be done in person, or online depending on
where you are.   

For all shopping options, price does NOT include the cost of any items purchased or refreshments unless specified.

Local i.e. local to my studio in Berkshire UK.


Local or London £950.00

Online $1150 / £850


# 3 – Special Events Package

How exciting! An excuse to get dressed up!

Do you have a special event to attend, that means you need something outside of the normal wardrobe capabilities? Then this is the package for you!

Events or occasions could include: Weddings; Mother of the Bride or Groom; Race Days, Graduation of Son or Daughter; Christmas or other party; Awards Ceremonies.  Basically anything where your normal wardrobe won’t cover it!

This package includes everything you need to ensure you look and feel amazing for your big day!

By the end of our work together we will:
Have found an outfit you will look and feel great in for your occasion, including any shopping needed to complete the outfit.


Have found all the accessories needed to complete the outfit, including any shopping needed to purchase any new items.


Have discussed nail colours and make-up and I will have made some suggestions for you, to complement your outfit.


Any shopping necessary to find the perfect outfit, can be either face to face or online, depending on your location.


I am passionate about helping to make sure you have THE perfect outfit for your event!

Total Cost $475 / £350

Virtual Wardrobe
This brand new service offers you an online wardrobe, where I can:
See the items you currently own in the “Online Closet” section.   Here you can upload photos of your own clothes and accessories for me to arrange into outfits for you.


Create outfits for you from the items you already own and store them in your own online “Lookbook”..I can also use new items you purchase from your Finds section, to add to your outfits.


Recommend new items, called Finds, for you that I think will add to your current wardrobe, alongside comments about why I picked it and what it will go with.   


This is a monthly membership service, and includes me putting together 3-5 outfits for you every month.   These can be sourced from your currently owned items or new items I find for you.

It also gives you the chance to ask me up to three questions per month.

Cost per month $50
Next Steps
Ready to take the next step towards loving your wardrobe every time you open the door?

There’s a contact form at the bottom of the page.   Fill in your name and email address and I will contact you to arrange a time that we can chat so that I can make sure we go for the right service to meet your current requirements.

Not sure which service you need? That’s no problem. Contact me and we can figure it out together’

Once we’ve had a chat, we’ll schedule in some dates and we can get on with creating your Dream Wardrobe!

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