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This page has been created for people who attended the HB Chat on Tuesday 26 May 2020.

I have carefully selected these resources, which I believe will help you to look good on your video calls and enable you to make more of an impact.  This could be as a participant, the host, or as the presenter of any of your online meetings.

The resources included are:


  • A video walk through of a Zoom room with some specific tips on how to use Zoom to make you look great and enable your meetings to run more smoothly.
  • A PDF Guide called “Clothe Yourself In Confidence”, which looks at various colours and their meanings, so you can wear the best colours for the message you want to give meeting participants.
  • My “5 Steps To A Brand Ready Wardrobe” playbook, which gives tips on curating a wardrobe that helps you make a great first impression every time you need to show up for your business or career.
  • My Go To Guide To Find Your Body Shape, which helps you take the first step in ensuring you always look your best.  When you know your body shape, you can then dress to flatter your figure and make sure you always look amazing!

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Clothe Yourself In Confidence Guide

What the colours you wear say about your business.

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